Park Needs

Listed are items we need at the Park.

Anything that you can supply as a donation is greatly appreciated.

Please contact the Park to supply an item or items.

Thank You!

1) Queen Sheet Sets for Cabins

2) Pillow Cases

3) Towels for Cabins

4) 6' or longer sections of 2" PVC pipe and connectors. (We need 150' total)

5) Dish Towels

6) Dish Cloths

7)Comet cleaner

8) Paper Towels

9) SOS Pads

We need to repair our docks, the outdoor pool deck, and some picnic tables this Fall/Winter

We need at least 25 2"x8"x12' treated planks and

We need at least 25 2"x6"x12' treated planks

Any donations are needed and appreciated!