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GRDA Rules and Regulations
This is a guide to answer frequently asked questions concerning
lake rules.  Copies of the complete rules and regulations are
available at the GRDA Lake Patrol and most marinas.
1. All relevant Oklahoma laws, as well as the GRDA Lake Rules and Regulations, apply to all
GRDA lakes.   Failure to comply with these may be a criminal offense.

2. All vessels must have Oklahoma registration and license by June 30 each year.  Boats
currently registered in another state may be used on these lakes for a 60-day period without
getting an Oklahoma registration.  If the boat remains in Oklahoma for more than 60 calendar
days, it must be registered in Oklahoma.  Registration stickers must be displayed on the front
port and starboard portion of the vessel.

3.  Within 150 feet of boats, wharves, docks, shoreline, landings or swimming areas, power
boats and personal watercraft must not travel faster than idle speed.  All boats shall respect
the No Wake Areas under all bridges.  Vessel operators will be held responsible for any
property damage caused by their wake.

4. During nighttime hours, boat speeds must not exceed 35 miles an hour.  Lights must be
illuminated at all times.

5.  All children (age 12 and under) must wear an approved life preserver (personal flotation
device) at all time when the boat they are in is 26 feet long or smaller.

6.  All boats kept or operated on GRDA lakes shall be inspected by GRDA's Lake Patrol.  A
safety inspection sticker shall be placed on the port front portion of boat. This is a free

7. Boat operators must be at least 16 years old nad have a valid automobile operator's
license, unless under the direct (on board) supervision of a responsible adult.

8.  No one shall sit or ride on the sides of a boat while it is moving faster than idle or trolling
speed.  Operators may stand, if vessel was designed to be driven from a standing position.

9.  Operators of a personal watercraft must be at least 15 years of age.  Children ages 12 - 14
may operate on if they are visally supervised by a responsible adult.

10. Water skiing, jet skiing and similar activites are permitted only during daylight hours.
Skiing is prohibited upstream from the Strang Bridge on Lake Hudson and above Twin
Bridges, in Elm Creek east of Grove water intake tower, above the Harbors Marina on Duck
Creek, or above Lakemont Shores ramp on Drowning Creek on Grand.

11. Operators of
personal watercraft must stay at least 50 feet away from all moving vessels
and must idle around docks and swimmers.  Operators must wear an approved life preserver.

12. In addition to the boat operator, a boat towing a skier must have a person (of at least eight
years old) in a position to observe the skier, unless a rear view mirror has been installed so
that the boat operator can observe the skier.

13. All boats must carry an approved personal flotation device for each person on board.  No
boat shall operate above its licensed capacity. Each boat shall be equipped with a paddle or
set of oars, an anchor and a bailing device.

14. Boats over 16 feet in length must have a throwable cushion.  Sirens are not permitted.  All
boast must have proper navigation lights and fire extinguishers.  For details, check with a lake
patrolman or in the applicable laws.

15. All boats shall be muffled according to state law.  Marine toilets must have a total retention

16. Boats must not be operated within 200 feet of any GRDA dam except during generation,
then no closer than 500 feet.  No boat may be operated in a reckless, unsafe manner.  No
boat may be operated by a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

17. In the interest of public health, no camping is permitted on GRDA property except in
designated public use areas.  No littering or trash dumping is allowed on GRDA property,
including the water.

18. Inspection stickers may be cancelled and boats removed from waters of GRDA lakes for
any violation of these rules.
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